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Web3 achievements as badges is a platform where users can mint their Web3 achievements as Soulbound NFTs. It is also a platform where communities can help curate and contextualize on-chain actions. Our vision for Noox is to build a protocol that allows anyone to program arbitrary rules into a badge standard (e.g. # of tx, volume of tx, value of tx, type of action) and allow others to claim them if they’re eligible. Making these badges more accessible to other users, decentralized applications, and protocols will help drive interesting behaviors and endless use-cases.

Composable data fuels permissionless innovation

For the first time in history, Web3 allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to interact with any decentralized application on a ‘shared state machine’ – where all records of these interactions are immutably stored on a public database. At Noox, we believe that both understanding these on-chain interactions and digital footprints – and making them useful through badges – will be one of the most important primitives upon which the Web3 stack is built over the next decade.


Noox is now in closed beta. During the closed beta, users will be able to 1) explore, 2) collect, 3) and share their web3 achievements based on their historic interaction with various decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.


Explore different projects and achievements on Noox.



Collect your achievements as non-transferable NFTs.



Share your achievements on Twitter and other social platforms.