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Is Noox secure?

Yes. Noox only validates if your historic on-chain action matches the badge requirements. We will never request access to edit or manage any part of your wallet.

What blockchains does Noox support?

Noox currently supports on-chain data on Ethereum. We are planning to add support for more chains in the future.

What wallets does Noox support?

On Ethereum, we only support MetaMask for now. We will support more wallets in the near future.

Block Synch

Noox currently has a block syncing epoch that is updated every 100~200 blocks(approx. 1 hour).

How can I learn more?


What is a Noox badge?

Noox badges are non-transferrable NFTs (ERC-1155 Token) that users mint by validating user’s on-chain actions. Once minted, you will not be able to transfer your badges to other Ethereum addresses.

On which blockchain are badges minted on?

Ethereum Mainnet.

I’ve used DApp ‘X’ before but why can’t I claim a badge for it?

Be sure to check the “How to claim’ and ‘How do we validate’ listed on the badge details page. If you are still not sure why you are not eligible, please reach out to us or report it to the #report-bug channel on our Discord.

How long does it take to check for badge eligibility?

For most, less than 5 seconds. But it may take up to 3 minutes depending on the complexities of the badge conditions being verified.

How can I view my eligibility progress for a particular achievement on Noox?

You can check your eligibility progress for each badge by clicking “Check eligibility”.

How long does it take to claim a badge?

When you claim a badge, you are minting an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The process of minting a badge is completed once the transaction is confirmed. On average, the process will take approximately 15~30 seconds.

Can I view my badges anywhere else?

Noox badge are NFTs (ERC-1155 Token), so your badges will appear on any wallets or services that support the ERC-1155 token standard.

Can anyone create a new Noox badge?

Yes, the vision of Noox is to build a protocol that allows anyone to program their own rules and transform them into claimable badges. However, users are not able to create badges during the beta.


Is there a Noox token?

We will be releasing $NOOX token with the launch of the community-curated badging protocol. There is currently no Noox token deployed yet. $PreNOOX tokens are temporary tokens to be swapped for $NOOX at an 1:1 ratio once the protocol is live.

Wen Airdrop?

There are two(2) $preNOOX airdrops planned for the closed beta: 1) Noox Awakens, and 2) Claim-to-Earn.

  1. Noox Awakens: All users who hold Noox Awakens POAPs and/or Genesis Pass in their wallet at the time of a snapshot will be eligible to claim your respective $preNOOX. Note that a total of three(3) different POAPs were issued for each round of the Noox Awakens campaign, and each POAP is eligible for a separate airdrop reward. Snapshot will be taken towards the end of the closed beta and we will announce the exact time and date soon.
  2. Claim-to-Earn: All users who participated in the Claim-to-Earn campaign are eligible for the airdrop at the end of the closed beta. The amount of reward is calculated and announced on the official Noox Discord after each week(batch) of the campaign. You don't need to have Noox Awakens POAPs or Genesis Pass to receive Claim-to-Earn airdrop rewards.

Those who are eligible can now claim their $preNOOX rewards on the 'Claim' page of our website. It should be claimed before early September.