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Badge Overview

Noox Badge is a programmable on-chain achievement NFT (Non-transferable ERC-1155 Token) that describes “what I did” on the blockchain with a plain text and graphic image. It can represent any on-chain actions such as “number of transactions generated”, “amount of liquidity provided”, “order of interactions with a specific protocol”, etc. as long as the underlying data is recorded on the blockchain. Once the eligibility rules are programmed into simple scripts, any user can validate their record and earn badges.

By owning a Noox Badge, users are able to visualize what they did and add meanings and contexts to their on-chain actions. Each badge is non-transferable and can only be earned by validating one’s historic on-chain actions. With Noox Badge, users are able to prove thier interaction, participation, contribution in a permissionless, composable, trustworthy way.

Why is Noox Badge important?

We believe understanding users’ on-chain interaction and digital footprint is going to be one of the most important Web3 primitives in expressing identity. Whether it’s communities DApps, protocols, user reputations and credibilities are becoming increasingly important for crypto and Web3. Noox Badge eliminates the cost of leveraging those information, and offers a completely new way of building Web3 identity.

Proof of On-chain Achievement

Traditionally, achievements are included within game designs to provide gamers with the impetus to do more than simply complete the game. It is used to motivate players to maximize their own general score and let players obtain recognition for their performance via scores or ranks. Therefore, unlocking and proving achievements plays an important role in the creation of gamers’ identity and reputation both inside the game and wherever the gamer wishes to do recognized.

A similar design can be applied to crypto and Web3. Noox Badge provides measurable proof of user’s on-chain interaction by validating transaction data. By unlocking badges, users can gain impetus to use certain decentralized applications or protocols in order to maximize their reputation and obtain appropriate recognition from their respective communities. Because Noox Badge validates what has happened on-chain, the proof of achievement provides the highest level of trustlessness and assurance.

Composable building blocks as a social primitive

Since public addresses don’t have any social labels or tags, Noox Badges can act as unique identifiers for indicating one’s attributes, interests, and achievements in crypto and Web3. With each badge tied to certain attributes, these composable attributes can become a new primitive for building the basis for interaction. Retrospective airdrop is a great example of why communities and protocols are motivated to identify users with certain attributes. As Noox Badges are composable, non-custodial, and permissionless, other applications and protocols can natively integrate badges and drive open innovation.