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Protocol Design

Decentralized Autonomous Collaboration

One of the most significant innovations by crypto is offering people the ability to collaborate in a decentralized and autonomous manner. As we’ve seen with the rise of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, crypto is offering new social and economic tools to organize and harness the power of collective intelligence. In a similar way, Noox Protocol is designed to incentivize a collective of users to contextualize on-chain transaction data and to curate meaningful badges that communities value.

General-purpose Badge Creation

With immense flexibility, Noox Protocol brings the best infrastructure for programming on-chain data validation. The protocol introduces the Noox Badge Standard which includes a string of metadata for the on-chain actions, eligibility criteria, and validation logic for each badge. Users will be able to use blockchain data, including EventLogs, Transaction data, to program rules like the number of interactions, the volume of interactions, the value of interactions, the time(-series) of interactions, etc.

On-chain Achievement Discovery

In order to create a wiki for on-chain achievements across the Web3, ensuring community-driven knowledge building is the most crucial component as no single entity with centralized means will be able to achieve this. Noox Protocol will provide the right tools(e.g. badge building wizards) and incentives(e.g. $NOOX) to ensure a robust environment for collaboration.