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Protocol Overview


Noox is a protocol on Ethereum that aims to build a decentralized proof of achievement platform designed for publishing, proving, and minting on-chain achievements in a permissionless way. Through the platform, users are able to discover on-chain achievements curated by the community and mint them as non-transferable NFTs called ‘Badges’.

Smart Contract and Validating Oracle

Noox Protocol is implemented as a set of smart contracts and a validating oracle to provide composable badges and built-in on-chain data validation. Publisher of a badge can deploy specific badge standards—which includes detailed metadata of the on-chain achievement and eligibility criteria—to the blockchain. When a user attempts to claim a badge, Noox’s validating oracle—which fetches and synchronizes Ethereum blockchain data—provides proof for the Noox Protocol by analyzing the user’s historic transaction data and validating whether or not the user is eligible.

Future Roadmap

We focused on providing users with the ability to claim badges as a proof of achievement during our first closed beta in May, 2022. We will be introducing a publishing platform and related features in the coming months. As a future roadmap, Noox Protocol has plans to implement $NOOX economics and governance system to distribute the ownership of the protocol to contributors.

Noox aims to contribute to the creation of a more collaborative and meritocratic network where one’s contribution, participation, and reputation is valued. As a result, the Noox Protocol is, by design, community-driven, contribution-first, and on-chain based system that could shape the fabric of how Web3 users interact and how applications and protocols are built to understand them.