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Upgrade Badge

Introducing Series and Badge Upgrade

Noox offers publishers the ability to create progressive badges called 'Series' that are meant to represent one's progression into a particular achievement system.

Ethereum User Series
Ethereum User Series

A publisher can create a ‘Series’ consisting of multiple leveled badges for a given action. These levels are hierarchical and each level can be determined freely based on certain action factors like the total amount or number of actions. Once a series badge is claimed, users can upgrade the badge to a higher-level badge when they reach the next achievement milestones.

In the process of upgrading the badge, a lower-level badge is burned and replaced with a higher-level badge. There is no additional fee for upgrading badges except for the gas fee.


If you have claimed 2 or more of the below badge series before the feature update, you will be reimbursed for all previous minting fees, except for the first minting fee in a given series. The reimbursement will be made automatically if/when you upgrade your badge.

Badges applicable for minting fee reimbursement:

How Upgrade Works


If you have the ‘Ethereum Rare User’ badge and met all the requirements for the next level badge, you can upgrade your existing badge to the ‘Ethereum Super Rare User’ badge.


The ‘Upgrade’ button can be found on the detail page of a badge. Make sure to click ‘check eligibility’ to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. After clicking ‘Upgrade’, you will need to confirm this transaction on your MetaMask for the process to be completed.


Once the upgrade is completed, your previous 'Ethereum Rare User' badge will be burned and replaced with the 'Ethereum Super Rare User' badge.